Atomic Numbers 113, 115, 117,118 Find Entry Into Periodic Table

cx9_nseuoaays49A large number of scientists and chemistry enthusiasts have accorded a warm welcome to the latest elements who have gained a place in the prestigious Periodic Table. Scientists have said that these newcomers are some of the heaviest that have been discovered till now. For now they have only been allocated their place in the Periodic Table- 113, 115, 117 and 118 in the seventh row now belong to these yet to be named new kids on the block!

new-elements-periodic-table-2016-300x199They will be named by the great minds that tirelessly pursued them to the point of discovery. Element 113 was discovered by Japanese scientists working with the RIKEN Nishina Center, while the credit for the discovery of the rest of the new elements belongs to various scientists from America and Russia. The responsibility of verifying and authenticating the discovery of each new element belongs to The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

As any child studying Chemistry will be quick to point out all elements have an Atomic Number. This number will be equal to the number of positively charged protons each atom possesses. Any element that has an Atomic Number greater than ninety-two is said to be non-naturally occurring and are highly unstable.

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Inaccuracies Associated With Online Medical Charges


This incident narrates the true picture associated with the inadequacies of online services. Kate and Scott from North Philadelphia have always invested primarily in medical care. They paid an affordable premium on a regular basis. One fine day, Kate was analyzed to be suffering from multiple sclerosis and Scott required imaging tests for a spinal cord complaint. According to their insurance plan, they had to invest heavily for their health care. Owing to the huge amount invested, they were looking out for really good health care options. After several investigations, they decided to use an online cost estimator to solve the purpose.

medicalAn online cost estimator arrives at the typical cost for treatment across different health care providers for a given complaint or illness. Scott had used the online tool to find out an approximate cost estimate for an MRI scan. The online cost estimator provided a comprehensive estimate. It included an average cost, the lowest cost and an above average cost. The tool also listed the different health care providers who avail these services along with a price estimate that encompasses their insurance plan. The couple seemed to rejoice over the wide-ranging information at their fingertips. But the moments of joy lasted only for a few days.

Kate’s MRI was scheduled and the original cost was found to be five times greater than the cost provided by the online cost estimator. Both of them were led to a big shock. The disconnect amidst the cost estimates is due to variability in the information that is offered to the consumers. Most of the online cost estimators reproduce only an aggregate cost and never offer a specific range. A few other online tools rely on historic pricing or on data from unauthentic sources. Many online tools also fail to update the current pricing trends. However, this scenario needs an instant resolution to put an end to people’s miseries.

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