Don’t Let the Roaches Control You

The very site of them irks the mind. Cockroaches seem dangerous and they prove to be a big menace when inside the house. Thus, it is best to keep them away. For this, one should know about proper measures of cockroach control. Here are a few tips that will help you keep this ugly species of insects away. Roach Control

1. Precaution is better than cure. Thus, it is best that you shut all means through which these insects can enter into your house. To start with, seal all the minute pores through which cockroaches may enter into the house. Also seal all the door and window creaks. Also, the house should be very clean and prim. Dirt attracts cockroaches. Always keep the sink empty of dirty dishes. This will prevent the entry of cockroaches into your house.

2. If unfortunately, the cockroaches have already attacked your home and made a home of it, there are many things that you can do to compel the cockroaches to an exit. The first thing you should do is close all means of water and food supply. If the cockroaches don`t find the required necessities for their survival, they will themselves move out. Get all the leaking pipes repaired. Also, as mentioned in the first point, do not leave any dirty dishes in the sink and also do not leave the food cans and tins for the cockroaches to feed upon. Apart from this, keep the drawing room, dining area, kitchen and every part of the house, where the food is consumed, totally clean.

Apart from these basic preventive measures of roach control, there are some other things that one can do to throw the cockroaches out of the house:

1. You can call a cockroach exterminator. They will arrange for monthly pest and insect control treatments. This way, your house will stay clean of cockroaches.

2. The second way of killing cockroaches involves a home remedy. For this, mix a little bit of boric acid along with some quantity of flour and water. Make small balls of this mixture and place them in various corners of the house. Consuming this mixture will kill all the roaches.

3. The most popular way of cockroach control remains a cockroach trap. A cockroach trap contains a small box which contains some substance that attracts the cockroaches. Once the cockroaches enter the box, they get trapped and die there.

4. Yet another option is a cockroach repellant. These are easy to use and are also very effective. The product has to be filled in a spray pump and is to be sprayed in various nooks and corners of the house. The product filled in the spray pumps is usually some aerosol product. The important thing to be kept in mind is that these aerosols products can also be dangerous and harmful to the living pets of the family. Thus, take proper care while spraying the cockroach repellant.
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A Mission To Mars Awaited Shortly Says, President


The American President Obama discusses an expedition to Mars by the American astronauts in a recent article. America’s next chapter to space is all set by the year 2030, says Obama. His ambition of inhabiting Mars is soon going to be realized. However, the idea of the expedition is not totally
new. During 2010 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the president envisioned the same goal. However, the recent article published provides more inputs from both the NASA officials and from the White House on their way to clinching the red planet. With such open declaration, the possibility for an interesting expedition arises.

Meanwhile, NASA has also awarded six contracts to different companies for developing habitats to sustain astronauts mission towards the red planet. The White House science consultant, John P. Holdren and the NASA administrator Charles F. Bolden Jr., together proclaimed that private companies can also offer their modules to be a part of the International Space Station. The officials also added that the next decade is going to be rampant in formulating new technologies that would make an expedition possible. Though the force exerted by the red planet is mightier than the gravity, a mission to Mars is definitely possible owing to the determination exhibited by the astronauts.

marThe ringleader of Apollo, Wernher von Braun had already delineated plans to reach the mighty Mars. It was expected that the journey would go forward from the Moon to Mars in the nearest time. But they could only leave a space shuttle. On a profound analysis, the mission to Mars challenge is influenced politically and financially. On acquiring stable funds consecutively for the next two decades, the mission to the red planet can be accomplished. In the interim, Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, declared his design for a colossal space rocket and spaceship. This Interplanetary Transport System could carry more as much as 100 astronauts to the Mars. Thus, a landing on the red planet can soon be anticipated.

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Green Homes Getting Closer To Reality


It is now time to call the Ho Chi Minh City of Singapore as Asia’s next garden city. The futuristic and eco-friendly designs of Vo Trong Nghia, the award-winning Vietnamese architect, have revolutionized the architectural realms across boundaries. His fascinating architectural concepts comprise of green lush, open-air corridors, flowing gardens and canes of bamboo. His visionary thoughts have made a dramatic influence in the architectural sphere of Vietnam cities. His “House for trees” project emphasizes on creating a green oasis in the dense neighborhoods of Ho Chi Minh City. Each house resembled a cluster of potted plants with abundant greenery flowing from the rooftop.

A recent interview with Vo Trong Nghia reveals the following inputs. Having grown up amidst mountains and forests, Vo Trong Nghia wanted to be an architect right from his childhood. As a young boy, he was involved in cutting down trees in the forests to earn a livelihood. A lot of forests were thereby destroyed for timber. Understanding the importance of forests, Vo Trong Nghia wanted to save timber, which led to the use of bamboo in his architectural projects. Vo Trong Nghia’s views on bamboo are that they are more sustainable, strong and attractive for constructional purposes. They also have the ability to regrow quickly.

green1The sustainable designs of Vo Trong Nghia bring back nature into the polluted city. A sustainable design protects the environment in a long run. It organically connects the humans with nature. Eco-friendly designs add to the functional beauty of a city. As countries tend to develop faster, a large number of concrete jungles tend to occupy the earth. To put a stop to these concrete jungles, sustainable designs and green roofs are a necessity to achieve ecological balance. A green social space is the need of the hour. His designs also focus on the principle of reducing, recycle and reuse to conserve and protect nature.

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The AMA Recommends Streetlights With Cooler LED Bulbs


The American Medical Association had recently recommended the use of LED bulbs as streetlights. They said they preferred the LEDs that emitted less blue light, thereby being a cooler alternative to the regular LEDs being used at major cities today. LED lights having temperatures of more than three thousand Kelvin had been reported to cause harmful effects on health like eye problems and have even been attributed as the leading cause of insomnia.

colored-lamps1In light of the association’s advice, which came out early this June, several cities across The United States Of America are now adopting the cooler LED bulbs for their streetlights. Large cities like Phoenix, Lake Worth and so on are replacing their outdated models LED bulbs that come with lesser color temperatures. Till date, these cities have been using street lamps that contained LEDs that emitted more than five thousand Kelvin of heat.

The older models had had a number of complaints levied against them in the past. It was always a culprit in most of the motor-accidents caused on the roads at nights, as many of the victims had complained of the blinding glare these lights often emit. Severe and prolonged exposures to such harsh lights have also been known to create problems in the living-mechanism of both animals and plants. People living near such street lamps have often complained of the inability to get sound sleep as well as an increase in irritability.

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