The AMA Recommends Streetlights With Cooler LED Bulbs


The American Medical Association had recently recommended the use of LED bulbs as streetlights. They said they preferred the LEDs that emitted less blue light, thereby being a cooler alternative to the regular LEDs being used at major cities today. LED lights having temperatures of more than three thousand Kelvin had been reported to cause harmful effects on health like eye problems and have even been attributed as the leading cause of insomnia.

colored-lamps1In light of the association’s advice, which came out early this June, several cities across The United States Of America are now adopting the cooler LED bulbs for their streetlights. Large cities like Phoenix, Lake Worth and so on are replacing their outdated models LED bulbs that come with lesser color temperatures. Till date, these cities have been using street lamps that contained LEDs that emitted more than five thousand Kelvin of heat.

The older models had had a number of complaints levied against them in the past. It was always a culprit in most of the motor-accidents caused on the roads at nights, as many of the victims had complained of the blinding glare these lights often emit. Severe and prolonged exposures to such harsh lights have also been known to create problems in the living-mechanism of both animals and plants. People living near such street lamps have often complained of the inability to get sound sleep as well as an increase in irritability.

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